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Turning agency work into pure art Turning agency work into pure art

Years in the

About OSS

OSS means “WE” in Swedish and represents everything we stand for. Believing in the collective “WE” spirit of creation together, is a fundamental value for us. “WE” are a group full of like minded creators with diverse cultural and ethnical backgrounds, Joining forces to tap in to the power of collective creation.

Oss Mission

Our mission in this world is to bring a forward thinking, modern, sustainable mindset in a fast developing era. We believe in the power of collective creation and only together  we can make it happen either for a project or for the world…


It's not only one piece of the puzzle that is important.


Even the smallest details cannot be overseen.


Because in the end,


everything needs to make sense.

"Super great job boys!"

Darren, Hustel n Flow

"A great 360 agency with diverse creative expertise!"

Sam, Marbella Estate Group

"A different perspective of ideas for social media!"

Anton, My Protein